Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Favs!!!

Its Friday again! I am back to tell you products that I am loving!

Hard Candy Cosmetics, love their stuff. I find it at Wal-Mart. I don't actually wear a lot of make up, but I when i do, I like it to stay on and look bold. I usually just wear it when we are going out at night. I have their eyeshadow and recently purchased the mascara. I love their stuff!

Rock & Candy Shoes. I have 3 pairs now, this is just one of them. I buy them at Journeys or DSW. I have yet to pay full price and I know there are lots of other places that sell them. The pair pictured, I got for Mother's Day from Charity and my sweet husband. I bought another pair for my birthday with some birthday money from my in-laws. The last pair we bought last weekend from DSW on clearance. Love them!! They are comfortable and I love the look of the flats they have!

Last, is Lucky's food, Just 6 by Rachael Ray. It is part of her Nutrish line and Lucky loves it. When we moved here, he was eating store brand (from Hy-Vee) dog food. He has a hard time with most brands, except the store brand stuff. We had him on Science Diet but it is super hard to find down here and it can get pricey, so on a whim, we tried this stuff. It has no fillers, just 6 ingredients. It works great for him and he has had no tummy problems on this food!

P. S. I am  not paid or perked in any way for loving these items, I buy them just like a normal person. They are just products I love and I wanted to pass on the love! 

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