Thursday, April 11, 2013


So, last summer after going fishing with the family, I heard the cry of a kitten. I searched it down and took him home.

B and his dad weren't too happy with me. At the time, we had 2 other cats and a puppy. We brought the little guy home and loved him. It turned out that he was dropped at the lake by a teenaged boy. Eventually, he went to live with our neighbor.

Tonight, C found a kitten. The poor thing was terrified and hard to catch. We caught it and put it in a box. B thought maybe it had rabies so I had to call to see if someone could get it. Apparently, it's just feral. I still have to have someone pick it up. I can't bring it into the house because lucky doesn't like to leave Kitties alone.

So the kitten that is full of piss and vinegar is outside with food and water. Poor thing. I hate being a sucker for little animals.

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