Thursday, June 13, 2013

Up The Wall

I guess I didn't even tell y'all that we actually hung pictures! I actually hung one awhile ago. It's B's skull chef. It's kind of high, like me standing on a counter to hang it high. And I hung a picture from our wedding.

Well, when I made B's Father's Day presents, he was so anxious to get them on the wall. We also had other pictures made for our "family wall". All of this has been talked about prior to this, but we had finally found places for stuff.

Our "family wall" is 5x7s and 4x6s above our Window and front door. The others (the reviews and the other stuff) are going up the stairs to C's room. I wanted them to be inspiration and I wanted people to be able to read them.

We had enough to start on both walls. I had other framed pictures and we went to the dollar store and picked up 9 more frames. Putting those together was easy. The other one, the inspiration wall, it has the 2 reviews, the giant picture/collage, a certificate saying I was on the dean's list and a leaf that C did awhile back. There are other certificates up there to and we plan on putting more up as we get it or find it.

The other pictures I hung are actually paintings. We have a set of 3 from a friend of B's. I hung them up above the sofa. I actually had the drill out to properly hang something else and I decided it was time to hang them up. I get a little excited about the drill. I kept looking for more stuff to use it on (it's a cordless drill from ikea and it's mine!).

Anyone else like their drill a lot? So much so that you get sad there are only a few projects to use it on? Just me? What about picture hanging?


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