Sunday, June 9, 2013

Family Time!

Since B has to work Father's Day, we spent a good portion of today all together. B and C did get up for a little father/daughter time by having breakfast together. I try to encourage them to do something without me because they hardly spend time just the two of them.

They picked me up after breakfast and we were off! We did hit up Michaels Arts and Crafts at B's request. His only wish for Father's Day was to get his two reviews framed and a couple menus with pictures in them. I was happy to oblige. I felt a little weird because his step mom frames for a living.

Thankfully, due to 40% off frames and piling on an additional 25% off the frames, we came in under $35 for 3 frames and tape.

Then, we hit up Walmart. C got spoiled with some new dresses and cheap summer clothes. We were able to get some good deals. I got a water bottle (I have a tendency to not drink enough of the stuff). And we finally got an alarm clock (pictured below).

We actually have needed an alarm clock for almost a year and a half. We had 2 at one point and have one to C and the other... disappeared? We found a new one that we both agreed on. I love it. Is it weird that I love an alarm clock? It might go up there with my owl bank (from mother's day). I get a grin anytime I can feed the hungry little owl. Oh? Alarm clock! I love looking at it. It's retro design is just too cute!

After Walmart, we hit up Chicken Express. Really good! I recommend the chicken strips. They remind me a lot of Cheddar's, which I love.

Then, homeward bound. I got started on the framing. The first one I did was the first review, I had 16 copies of it so I figured if I messed it up, I had others. I love how it turned out.

I was able to put together the second. I didn't use the tape because it turned out we only had ONE copy out of 3 that B brought home! Ack! Thankfully, I was able to frame it perfectly.

The task of framing the largest one was daunting. I am not usually one to do anything more than buy a frame and stick a picture in it. Unless I am painting a frame or I buy one of those precut mats and put pictures in it. I put everything out, and the frame was too big for everything. Lovely.

I came up with the idea of using some pictures of food to fill around. Except, I cut the picture out of one of the papers we had and... Still had plenty of space. Ugh.Back to the drawing board.

Then, I loaded my phone with pictures, thinking I could send them through the Walgreens app to print them. After it crashed twice, I was ready to throw my phone/scream. Off to walgreens we went with a cord to plug in my phone.

Wouldn't you know... The computer wouldn't recognize my phone? So I took my SD card out and printed some pictures from that. Talk about a long process! We were able to get enough pictures to fill the frame, some of our family pictures and enough to start on a scrapbook of sorts for B. Yay!

We did get a pizza and I have a review for you! Look for it soon! I have family coming into town this week so it might be delayed.

I must say, I look at the big frame/collage and I am in love with it. I can't believe I made something so amazing! Maybe I will post a picture after I edit names and faces. Until then, enjoy your Monday!


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