Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer Fun

Well, with memorial day just around the corner for us, it's time to think about summer. Usually, it just means more trouble.

Last year, I spent the summer working at a gas station right next to our house. I guess I should mention, our house was right across the street from beautiful table rock lake. And we lived in a tourist town. That means, it was busy season. I managed to avoid the trouble portion for the most part simply because I worked days, but I still worked the weekend.

The summer before, I worked overnights at a gas station. I worked in some of the worst areas in my hometown. There were drive bys, shootings, rolling gun fights, drunks and plain idiots. I put up with a lot that summer.

This summer, I get to deal with my moody tween and strange dog. I stay at home now. I have lots of ideas for the home and us. We live in a great area, with a park a block away. We are in a giant metroplex with tons to do and a great state that loves it's past.

I won't divulge everything we will do, but I hope to make this summer great. I have awesome crafts, science experiments, and activities outside the home. I hope to not spend a bunch doing these things and maybe even get a jump start on Christmas gifts. Places to go are anywhere from a park, to a mall to historical sites and even berry picking. C will be gone for some of the time, but I want to make it great.

Any suggestions for free or cheap things to do? We have a few day trips thought up, but what is on your summer fun list? What is your favorite summer activity?


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