Saturday, May 18, 2013

Space... The final frontier... No!

Ok, I think maybe my title is misleading. I am not here to discuss the new Star Trek movie or ComiCon going on in Irving this weekend. I am talking about the lack of space here. In my casa!

I am always going on about how little space we have. Well, how little are we talking? Try 495 square feet. For 3 of us and a dog. I always mention that it's a one bedroom loft. Well, below is our floor plan.

C gets the upstairs bedroom while B and I crash in the living room. B and I also get the closet in the bathroom while C has 2 portable closets. I have a plan to make our tiny place work for us. I even have a small space for my own little office! There are multiple DIYs on the agenda and lots of furniture to come, so stay tuned! I may even include actual pictures of our small space too!


PS this is the smallest place I have ever lived so far. I use the research and lots of legwork (aka going to stores)  to find stuff that will give us adequate storage and function.

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