Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get saucy!

I have been lacking inspiration to post about. The benefit was fantastic. It is so great to see a community come together for each other.

Back to get saucy.. Do you eat spaghetti in your home? Do you just fry up some hamburger and dump ragu/prego/some other prepare sauce in it? Or do you use a store bought sauce and jazz it up? Or make your own?

I have done a variation of all. But, I am getting sick of the stuff tasting the same. There is only so much you can do to a store bought sauce to make it taste different. Plus, do you really know what's in it?

Back in Missouri, we tried some of the worst sauces. I have given up them. It is no harder for me to pull out 2-3 cans of tomato sauce and flavor it up with what I have on hand than to dump a jar of sauce. It gives you the chance to be creative. And, it is cheaper.

Tonight, I made my own sauce, I hope C and B like it. My only wish: that I had some garlic in the house. Oh well. I never measure anyways so every time I make it, it might taste different. I just know that I created it myself and I know what I put in it. The key is to taste everything before just dumping more. I started off with the normal amount I would use to doctor up a normal sauce and went from there.

Things I have added in the past:
-onions, use onion flakes or fresh, not onion salt, it adds more salty flavor
-garlic, in all forms except salt, again because it adds a salt to the dish
-Italian seasoning
-salt, just to bring out the flavors, the key is to not go overboard with it, you want flavorful food, not salty
-pepper, yes, pepper
-sugar, tomatoes are acidic and sometimes certain brands are more acidic than others, you want to cut the acid, not sweeten the sauce

I need to be more adventurous in what I add, but those are things I typically keep on hand

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