Saturday, June 8, 2013

Memory Issues and Concussions

I think people think I am weird. I can't remember certain things, like names or if I have met people before. I always thought I just had a bad time remembering names. Nope.

About a year and a half ago after living with this problem my entire life, my husband clued me in: the females on my dad's side of the family have short term memory problems. It's genetic. And I lived to adulthood without being told. My dad actually told B one day.

It has sucked that I didn't know this to be able to try and help myself sooner. I forget all kinds of things: coupons at home, what I need to buy for groceries (it results in multiple unnecessary trips to the store), what bills need paid when, to mail things off, call people, appointments, etc. Yup, I forget anything and everything. I thought for the longest time B's name was Chris, before we started dating anyways. He forgot my name so I don't feel as bad.

So, maybe you wonder how I remember some things like how we met or our first date or the birth of my daughter (almost 10 years ago!)..  Bigger events, like those have a greater impact. I couldn't tell you the name of the nurses who were at the hospital. For the longest time, I had a hard time remembering the name of the restaurant we had dinner at on our first date, or maybe it was forgettable because I do remember the food wasn't that great (it was Twisted Fork). Bigger life events are easier to remember because they have a bigger impact than the fact that we are out of milk.

How do I try and help myself? If I remember, I try to use my phone for a lot of things, like: scheduling, grocery lists, alarms, etc. It's pretty nice having a smartphone. Also, I try to make a list of "what's for dinner" on paper, then make a grocery list from that at home so I can see if I have something on hand. I started writing what is for dinner on the calendar. It's helpful, if I remember to do it.

B also helps. If there is something he needs done like a bill paid or is running out of work clothes, he tries to text me to remind me, that day. Or he tells me in the mornings, but it still leads to forgetting, sometimes.

It's frustrating, but I have to try because the more times I remember something, the less I get mad at myself. We see signs of it in C also. It's so hard to watch someone else struggle with the same thing you do.

A year and half ago, I had a severe concussion. It happened at work. It was terrifying. For weeks, my memory was worse than it had ever been. I think in some ways it got better, but I don't know if it's what it was before the accident. You would have to ask B.

I hate having a fuzzy memory all the time. I wish I could remember things like a "normal" person.

Any other tips?


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