Wednesday, June 19, 2013


With C going out of town, we are going to give her room the makeover ir desperately needs.

She is torn between wanting a Hello Kitty room and a Paris theme. One thing she is certain of: her favorite color is pink.

When we went to michael's arts and crafts, she liked the 50's magazine covers they had. They were classic and beautiful. Something that a girl like her should look up to. She is very into fashion and beauty but also a little bit tomboy.

So, I am thinking of marrying the bright colors she loves, the romantic feel of Paris and the classic beauty. I have a few Cricut cartridges that will help me do that. The thing with renting, we can't paint the walls. Bummer. But! It's Ok. There are plenty of ways to inject color without that detail.

To be honest, she has never had a room that was "her". The closest we got was our last place before the big move to Missouri. Even then, we picked everything out for her not knowing exactly where we were going. This time, we have her in mind and I hope she loves it.

The thing with the cricut, it cuts vinyl. And I have the sophisticated cartridge and the ornamental iron 2 cartridge. All I need is some repositional vinyl and I am in business! Woot!

We discussed it today and we thing thrift store furniture will be the better option to go with a few items from my favorite porn store, er, I mean, Ikea. She originally picked out something but it isn't truly her style. I like to mix and match affordable things from various places. At least I would like to. Buying used and from ikea will allow us to do it up nice! When we finally get down to business, I will be sure to post some pictures as we move along.


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