Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brand Loyalty?

This is a post that may jump around a bit. You have been warned!

B and I are huge on thinking things through, or he likes to "beat a dead horse". I never was this way before him. I was an impulse buyer. I was never that person who would ask anyone what they have purchased or what they recommend. I just dove headfirst into a bunch of things.

Never B. He has always researched everything before purchasing something big, and sometimes small. It used to bother me. Now, I find myself doing it. I don't know when it started? Maybe back when I was going to buy a camera?

Either way, I research lots of things. Like cameras, computers, printers, craft supplies, etc. Maybe he rubbed off on me or maybe I just want to spend my money more wisely. I don't know.

Back to brand Loyalty. Take our phones for instance. We started off with blackberry. We loved them! Until we didn't. We had been hoping to make the switch to iPhone for awhile. So we did. I had always said that I would never switch to another type of phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy s2. Ha! And honestly, I love it more than my iPhone. I still have an ipad but hope to switch it to a Samsung Tablet Note in the near future.

My film camera? Canon. I have a point and shoot that is also Canon. I have always wanted a fancier camera. Well, we looked yesterday. I don't have enough experience using my film camera to warrant spending a ton of money for the Canon RebelTi5, so we looked for a more "midrange" camera. I can't even tell you the name of the Canon we looked at, but we looked at it vs a Nikon in the same price point. And I can't believe I was thinking it, but the Nikon won. We didn't purchase anything, we were Window shopping.

Let's just say this: the Canon had fewer megapixels than my point and shoot. It did have 50x zoom, but the Nikon was winning with more megapixels it had 42x zoom too. The on/off button on the Canon was on the other side of the knob, I tend to snap a few shots and shut it off, I just felt like it was a bit of a stretch for me. All in all, I may be making the switch. If someone gave me $500 and told me to buy a camera today, I would buy the Nikon. Sorry canon, you are still good, but this time, you didn't make it.

FYI, I used to only buy Kodak point and shoots for the user friendly designs. I bought C one a few years ago and it works great for a beginner.

So, phones and cameras? They have been switched up. I still love me an HP computer. Their printers, not as much.

What have you switched brands on after loving a specific brand for ages? Are you like I was and just bought what looked good? Or do you research things like B always has?


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