Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY Chore Chart

Today, I have a craft for you! B and I decided not to put up some of our pictures on the wall but rather than store the frames, I decided to repurpose them.

We have been having a difficult time with C doing her chores, we are at the ugly tween stage and I feel like I am nagging her. She probably feels the same way! So, little kid chore charts aren't the way to go. I decided to make an erasable one. All I needed was:

-large frame (I bought mine at Walmart ages ago for less than $10)
-patterned paper (I used a printed piece of thin cardboard from a hello kitty kit C got for her birthday, but scrapbook paper would work)
-tape (I could only find our packing tape,  go figure)
-poster letters (my cricut is still packed, but I got the letters at Dollar Tree, so $1)
-dry erase markers (again, Dollar Tree, $1)

This is pretty self explanatory, and the pictures help. I used a black frame and lighter colors for the background so the black was really noticeable. I wrote her chores, but I think I will include special things too. Like maybe when she has karate. I made sure to post it where we would all see it. The lightswitch below it is actually to get room and is at the bottom of the stairs.

Hopefully, this will be a reminder to her to do her chores more often. And yes, I know shower is not a chore, but it seems like a chore to get her to take one!


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