Monday, May 13, 2013

Busy busy!

I think I am finally getting the hang of this stay at home mom thing! Maybe. I am totally exhausted tonight. I feel like maybe a marathon was run today!

So, maybe I didn't accomplish all I wanted to on mother's day, but I got a few others done. I am always talking about how I am lacking space in our home. I am nowhere near finished with my kitchen, but I think it's finally getting there! I may even post a few pictures coming up. Crazy!

I will say this: I think we own a lot of clothes. I did one load today, cooked supper (homemade spaghetti!), took C to karate, paid a few bills, got a few things at the store, picked up C, made iced tea for B, took him a chef jacket, walked the dog (a few times), made homemade fruit snacks, did dishes... Are you tired? Yup, I am! Also, I had to get C off to school this morning and Lucky wanted a walk at 3am. Wtf. Oh, I also organized our low counter.

Tomorrow, another load of laundry (I hope). More dishes, more walks, school for C, dinner... And I am hoping that I can organize more of my kitchen. My pantry is a mess! I love the Out of Milk app, but after grocery shopping a few times, my pantry is seriously out of date.

What I really wanted to do yesterday... I still need to do. I was going to hang pictures, organize my pantry, take stuff to storage, take the couch to get fixed... None of it happened. It's all because of our electricity getting randomly shut off. Seriously! Oh well, tomorrow is another day! Let's just hope B remembers to take out the trash!


And a random cute pic of Lucky...

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