Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why would you say that to a Chef's wife?

There are many times that people put their foot in their mouths when it comes to my relationship with my husband.

1. Don't you get lonely?
Yes, don't you? My husband works long days and long weeks. It's not always like this, but when it is, it gets lonely. I have a dog and a 9 year old. I don't get sick days and neither does he. However, I married him knowing what it would be like and I enjoy the quiet too. I like reading books, taking pictures and doing crafts. These are things I don't need my husband to do with me.

2. It won't be any fun for you, everyone else has a date.
This was said by a single woman hosting the party I was invited to. She didn't have a date either. I had a good time, but I also enjoy people watching.

3. I bet you get to eat lots of home cooked meals made by B.
Yea, Ok. No, I am the main cook in the house and I am pretty darn good at it. If you are ever invited to our home for a meal, it was likely prepared by me. The last thing B really wants to do is come home and cook. Besides that, dinner was hours ago and C was hungry then.

4. I bet you have all the kitchen gadgets in your kitchen.
Some chefs have them. In our home, the fancy kitchen gadget is the Kitchenaid mixer. It's a 6qt bowl and we don't have any fancy attachments for it. We have a nice set of knives. These were all given to us when we got married. I also have a cheap hand mixer. Doesn't everyone? Besides those things, we do have a nice set of pots and pans that B had before we were married. B is not a huge fan of the cutesy crap you get at any kitchen store.

Can you think of any that I have forgotten? Let me know!

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