Tuesday, March 12, 2013


My second trip to Texas is coming up. I like to call it the final leg of our journey. Everything has been chaotic as far as B and I go. We do things our own way. At our own pace.

My first trip, like our lives was chaos. We decided at 10 at night that C and I would go to Texas for a visit. There were phone calls to make, bags to pack and a puppy sitter or feeder to get.

We ran around the house like chickens with our heads cut off. Lucky followed me the entire time. We loaded the car, got ha and we were on the road.

Let me tell you, Oklahoma is very boring to drive through. There were intermittent snow storms. One point, I felt like I was driving through space because of how fast it was falling.

Then, there was the slush. Since it was mostly me and a few truckers on the road, I got the worst end of the deal. I had no windshield fluid and my wipers sucked. I had to keep pulling over to closed gas stations to clean my window or I couldn't see.

Most gas stations were closed. The 24 hours gas stations are very few and far between. It sucks. At least now I know what to expect.

Also, my battery went dead. Not on my car, on my phone that I was using as a gps. Right when I got into Dallas. Not fun. I had no idea where I was going and lucky for me, C was awake. I hand her the other phone and have her speak the name of the burger joint so I could be directed. Thankfully, crisis averted. I have a phone charger, but when I was on my way, it broke.

Now, I hope that this trip is good. It's going to be tough with a 1 year old dog and a 9 year old, but I know it will be crazy and fun. I am prepared. Or I will be!

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