Saturday, March 9, 2013

Long Distance Marriage

I first thought that being married to a chef was hard. Now, I almost think that it could be a walk in the park. B and I have been living apart for nearly 2 months now. It's been rough.

Let me start from the beginning, except I am not sure what the beginning would be...

B and I were living our life together in my hometown. Neither of us were happy. So, we decided to move our whole family to be closer to his family. B got a job at a restaurant and we were going to rent a house from his dad. A few days before the move, a tornado hit and severely damaged the restaurant. It wasn't the only place that B had interviewed at so we moved anyways.

B got a job at a place an hour away. He commuted for 8 long months. He had had a friend courting him for a position in another state. We were finally fed up with the commute and we were making a choice: move close to his current job or make another big move. We chose to go with the familiar and the promise of a raise.

Things were going good, until his job balked on the deal. Around the same time, his friend started calling again. By this time, we had already moved and we couldn't afford to move again.

Our brilliant plan was for B to go ahead of us and we would join during C's spring break. It was brilliant, until you had to put it into action.

These past few months have made me realize that even though we aren't a conventional family, we are a family. Nothing can change that. I hope that when we are reunited, we cherish our time together more. We don't operate well without the others. Modern technology has been great. Facetime and texting have allowed us to connect, but there is something to be said about a hug or a shoulder to cry on. I have no friends here, it's hard, but my best friend is the man I married. Hold your husband close, enjoy those moments of watching him sleep, kiss him good bye, I have one more week before I get the pleasure of making my family whole again.

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