Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Engagement

Previously, I wrote about how B and I met. I was talking with some friends and I haven't shared this part of our story.

A little backstory first: when B and I started dating, I didn't have a car. He technically didn't either. B bought a car, a 1993 Cadillac DeVille with a gold grill. Fancy, right? That car became Betsy. She thought she was a truck and he bought her in November 2009. We weren't together very long but he had me put the car in my name. So we shared the car until February 2010 from different residences. Weird right?

We were living together after that and sometimes he would borrow a car from a co-worker, the night in April, I had Betsy and he had a borrowed truck. He called me to invite me to dinner at a pizza joint he liked.

I showed up and we were across the parking lot from each other. He calls me and says he thinks he burned a hole in the seat and could I come look at it? I thought this was weird because he doesn't smoke. I went anyways.

He steps back from the truck, mind you, we are in the middle of a parking lot. On the seat is a box. He coaxes me to hold it, but I don't open it. The next moments seem to have lasted a lifetime.

I am standing at the driver's side door holding a ring? box. While he is dancing by the truck bed on the same side. He says "I've just got one question." more dancing. I say, "uh huh." still holding the closed box. He repeats himself and so do I, this goes on for another time except I say, "yea?"

He responds, still dancing," will you marry me?" I actually say nothing. Instead, I open the box to find a diamond solitaire ring and slip it on my finger. I hug him, I kiss him and while still embraced, he says, "so, is that a yes?" Doh! I hadn't said anything! Of course it was a yes!

I still laugh at that day and that moment. He never saw me slip the ring on my finger. We were in a dim parking lot at night. I still laugh that I married a wonderful man, who proposed marriage in a parking lot! If you ask him, he says it's because that is who we are, we are one of a kind. We had late night meals, met up with each other. It has been crazy and fun and we wouldn't have it any other way.


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