Thursday, May 30, 2013

Miss Independent

I realized today that I possibly lost Miss Independent when I became a Mrs. I. And the I doesn't stand for "independent".

I can do amazing things. I can put a desk together, hang pictures on the wall, air up a tire (change it if I really need to), pump my own gas, cook amazing food, clean house, etc. However, I hate using the plunger.

Up until a few years ago, I never used one. I have watched other people use one, I think I may have owned one in my first house, unused by me. I just hate using them. I think it's just gross.

Our tub keeps getting clogged, it's an older apartment, it happens. If I could, I would switch the drain for a screen. But, the stupid plug thing is in the way and I have no idea how to remove it. Because up until today, it would drain, slowly, I ignored it. Ha! I even bought some drain cleaner to help it out, I just kept forgetting to use it because it still kinda worked.

Until today. The damn thing wasn't draining at all. B was at work and I can't stand looking at dirty tub water (C had just taken a showerbath). So, I grit my teeth and had at it with our cracked plunger. It took probably a good 30 minutes to get it drained. Yuck. After it was drained, I poured the liquid drain stuff in it. It didn't drain. Frustrated, I took Lucky for a walk.

I came back and the yellow stuff was gone! Yay! So I let a little hot water go through. It drained, but slowly. I repeated the process for about 2/3 of the bottle. In the meantime, I yelled at B because stopped up drains are his area. I don't normally ask much, occasional plunging, trash taking out, heavy lifting, and cleaning of the fridge. Oh, and the checking of the dipsticks.

Well, I guess Miss Independent made her appearance tonight and showed the drain who is boss! I just hope it really worked and isn't just messing with me. That would suck.

Anything you always rely on your husband for? I used to "forget" to put gas in the car, now I just fill it every few weeks.


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