Monday, May 6, 2013

Crashed Couch

So, I posted about our lovely couch awhile back. I love it! However, one of the back legs broke! Cue panic. So, I contacted the manufacturer online and they requested a copy of the receipt and the item number. Umm... The receipt was misplaced. Lovely.

So, I call the place we bought it. I can get a copy, cool. Even better, they have a repair department. Except the guy doesn't even ask for my husband's name or anything. I had to tell him 5 times it was the back leg that just screws in.

B got numerous calls, finally it was going to be at the local store today, so I go to pick it up. It's the wrong leg. They proceed to argue with me. Whatever. I take out my phone and show the picture that I posted the other day. They still argued. I have that side of the couch propped up by a fire safe. It's not as tall and was only temporary.

So, now, I have to call the first guy, explain to him why the leg is wrong and hope that he will order the correct leg. I have the wrong leg in my possession, but hopefully they will fix this whole issue so I don't have to go through the manufacturer.

Just for a refresher, I am posting a pic of the couch and then the leg that I received. Can you spot the difference?

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