Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Opinionated Eater: Spring Creek BBQ

This is a post that is a little overdue. We have gone to Spring Creek BBQ a few times. I have had their beef, both the dry and moist, and their ribs.
Since we have been married, B and I have been looking for the kind of barbecue that I like. Well, it took a move to the great state of Texas to find it. I LOVE Texas barbecue! I am not a huge fan of the dry beef, I like the moist.
Now Spring Creek BBQ has a great flavor. They have their smoking technique down pat. Amazing. I always order my sauce on the side and it's served warm.
Their sides are Ok, as many as you can fit in the plate and refills are free. Nothing to write home about.
You get a roll with your meal, which are good and always fresh. Depending on where you sit, you can watch them make their rolls, it's a process and we usually watch them.
Their sweet tea is amazing. You can buy this by the gallon (it wouldn't last that long in my house).
On Sundays, the only day we have gone, they serve complimentary Blue Bell ice cream, any other day, you can buy it for $1.95. It's worth every penny.
They do catering and to go orders, but you must check it out!

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