Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I was poisoned!

This isn't a new story, it's actually a few years old. If you can't take stories about stomach illness, skip this one.

So, a few years ago, my BFF, A and I went to IHOP. We had C with us. Now, I am not a fan of pancakes, but A loves them. She has this thing about their butter pecan syrup. So, if you have ever been there, you know that they take your order, bring you drinks, bring your food and your check. They typically only check on you once. I hate this policy. I worked as a waitress before and I hate shotty service.

This particular time, I requested a refill. My mistake. I wound up crapping my brains out for 2 days. I threw up, once. I was not doing well. My amazing husband, looked it up online. He guessed based on his experiences with food illness, that I was given eye drops in my drink. My symptoms were exactly matching that of being poisoned by eye drops. It was worse than when B and I got food poisoning at Red Lobster on Mother's day years ago.

The practice of poisoning or spitting or doing anything terrible to a customer's food because you believe they are too demanding or a pain in the ass is terrible. There honestly is no reason for this. Yes, you work in the food service industry and bad customers are a part of the deal. However, the better you work to take care of them, the more money they give you. B has worked in kitchens for 20 years, he does not condone this behavior and if he catches any of his cooks or waitstaff doing anything like that, he will fire them on the spot. There is no excuse for it. I have never been back to that IHOP and I haven't been to any Red Lobsters since these two incidents.

Really, people, if you work in the food service industry, please, do not poison people. I can honestly say that during my 5 years of dealing with food, I have never done anything that would jeapordize the quality of food that I put out. It isn't worth it to me. It's a max of an hour or two that you have to deal with this customer, try to make a good impression. My few days of hell was terrible.

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