Saturday, March 30, 2013

Opinionated Eater: Saltgrass Steak House

Tonight, we enjoyed good service, good food and a very crowded restaurant. Saltgrass is a Texas chain, I am told. Not bad, but as B put it, not memorable.
We started off with seafood fondeaux. It was good, piping hot. The bread was a little burned. I am not sure that the way they have it set up is quite right. You have long pieces of bread and you spoon the stuff right on it. Now, it's very runny and your bread isn't too big. Even partially done with the appetizer, I was burning my fingers and mouth on this stuff. Throw a 9 year old into the mix, you are definitely asking for trouble. Luckily, we made it without trouble and C tried a new thing, crawfish.
I had their wedge salad with my dinner. C tried it also. They serve theirs with ranch, balsamic, bleu cheese crumbles, tomato, and bacon bits. I gave C too big of a bleu cheese crumble and she was not looking it. I thought the bacon and balsamic added different texture and flavor. The bleu cheese wasn't too overpowering, which was nice.
Our steaks were good, even my little girl went for a steak although she is not usually a fan. She even tried my ribeye and B's prime rib. Very proud of that girl. My potato could've used a side of butter and would've benefited from having been salt crusted. I am a strange one and enjoy eating the skin with extra butter.
All in all, good dining experience. I did like that they put a carafe of both B's iced tea and my sweet tea on the table, even if mine started off with too much ice and was a bit watered down.

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